I have created this website in hopes that when you use it your life will be greatly improve when you begin to contract consciously. 

The information contained on this website is for information and educational purposes only, all living souls are responsible for how they contract, consciously or not, and information on this website should not be considered to be a replacement for professional medical diagnosis, advice, or legal services.  This is for Educational and Entertainment purposes only. I am not giving any legal advice nor am I telling you what to do. Anything you do is done under your own determination and I have no liability to what you or another decides to do with this information

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Participating in Meditation & Hypnosis

By using the online meditations and hypnosis offered on this website participants are consenting to participating in the process of meditation and hypnosis. Participants understand that meditation can involve the use of techniques such as progressive relaxation, guided imagery, as well as other helpful methods to allow the body to relax. As a part of meditation & hypnosis participants may recall events, circumstances, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings from prior situations in their life experience. Participants should understand that the experiences vary greatly in the response to the relaxation, meditation and hypnotic process, with some experiencing powerful images and recollections, and others experiencing relatively little. Participants should be aware that the images and recollections experienced during meditation and hypnosis may be a combination of real, imagined, and/or modified memories. Participants also should understand that certain memories and images experienced during meditation and hypnosis may represent traumatic events which can invoke emotional reactions. These emotionally charged images are often quite useful for facilitating insight and understanding; however, such powerful experiences can nonetheless be emotionally challenging.

The participation in the meditation & hypnosis, signifies that the participant has reviewed the above paragraphs, understands the principal characteristics meditation, and agrees to participate. Furthermore, the participant understands that if at any time they become uncomfortable and/or unwilling to proceed with the meditation, that they can stop the process by opening their eyes, taking energizing breaths, and having a glass of water to ground back in the present day and time.  In the rare instance that this should happen, participant should know that they can send love to the situation and release the challenging feelings.

Release of Liability

Participants of this website and the meditations understand that rebeccalee-woodson:nevin aka Becky Nevin is not a medical doctor (physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, etc.) and makes no claim to diagnose or offer treatment of disease.  Participants understand that meditation and hypnosis is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological/psychiatric services, or counseling. Participants also understand that rebeccalee-woodson:nevin aka Becky Nevin does not treat or diagnose any conditions.  rebeccalee-woodson:nevin aka  Becky Nevin is a facilitator of meditation & hypnosis.

Participants of this website and the courses and coaching understand that rebeccalee-woodson:nevin aka Becky Nevin is not a BAR attorney or lawyer (physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, etc.) and makes no claim to provide legal services.  Participants understand that information provided in the courses and during coaching is not a replacement or the equal to attorney or legal services. 

Participants understand that, while rebeccalee-woodson:nevin aka Becky Nevin has the participants best interests in mind, participants are responsible for their own well-being and decision making.  Participants also understand that they are responsible for their own interpretations of and reactions to the information presented. Participants understand that the Conscious Contracting Courses are meant to present information that is for education purposes onlyParticipants understand that the experience of hypnosis and meditation is meant to present information that may contribute to mind, body, and spiritual balance and that rebeccalee-woodson:nevin aka Becky Nevin is not responsible or liable for the information participants receive while in meditation and/or hypnosis. Participants also understand that rebeccalee-woodson:nevin aka Becky Nevin is not responsible participant's interpretations of the information or the decisions participants make based on the information. Participant understands that they are responsible for their own judgment and that all participation, interpretations, and decisions about how they contract are their own.

Participants understand there are some conditions for which meditation and hypnosis may not be a good fit and should not be utilized.  These conditions include (and are not limited to): Schizophrenia, pathological personalities, psychosis (including substance induced), senility, dementia, brain trauma, cognitive deficiencies, epilepsy, narcolepsy, bi-polar, clinical depression, suicidal tendencies, serious heart conditions, extremely high/low blood pressure, elderly/frail, substance abuse, and/or currently taking medications/substances that cause drowsiness.  Participants understand that if, in any way, unsure if meditation and hypnosis would be a good fit, that it is best to consult their medical doctor prior to participating in hypnosis and meditation.  If pregnant (especially in the first or second trimester), participants will also consult my medical doctor prior to participating in meditation and hypnosis.

Participants understand that by participating in the content provided on this website they are accepting full responsibility for how they contract and engage with the information. 

Participants also understand that they should never watch and/or listen to guided meditations or hypnosis made available on this website while in the car (even if I believe the driver cannot hear/see the course content) or doing anything that requires full attention.

Refund Policy

Guarantee #1:

Test-Drive a Paid Program for 30 Days

When you enroll, you’ll have 30 days to explore the content in the course, and if for whatever reason… and I mean ANY reason… if you don’t feel like this was the best investment you’ve made for you education on contracting, simply email me (Becky!) at [email protected] and I’ll refund your entire investment… no questions asked! 

Guarantee #2:

365 Days to GET RESULTS from a Paid Course!

After you pass your initial 30 days of being blown away by seeing what's you've been unconsciously contracting with your whole life (and probably many lives before this one), I’ll give you an additional 11 months to see how it work in action. If you do not see any positive results from the paid courses workshop, simply show me that you’ve sent at least 1 piece of tracked pre-paid mail and updated your passport to at least a 4 star as prescribed and if it isn’t changing how you contract for the better... I'll refund your investment!

Why would I do this? Because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that doesn’t work! And I firmly believe in the right to release oneself from a contract.  PLUS, I’m so convinced of how effective this information is, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. That’s how much I believe in the advanced Conscious Contracting material.

Full disclosure - the 365 days guarantee does not apply to one on one coaching or the monthly cohort membership program.  It only applies to paid courses you engage with at your own pace.