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Hypnosis benefits are proven, and expectations are relative to client responsibility and commitment to succeed. Hypnosis is 80% effective in applications for behavior improvement and stress management necessary to good health and well-being. Hypnosis is a powerful tool in utilizing the resources of your mind and body to benefit you. Its benefits are relative to your participation, similar to that of a physician who prescribes medication / treatment, it works if you use it. In this regard, as a Hypnotherapist, 1) I do not diagnose, treat or cure disease, 2) I do not assess or evaluate Medical information, 3) I will determine if I am trained to work with your specific issues and, if not, I will refer you to other professionals, and 4) I am trained and certified in the skills of hypnosis and it's beneficial applications.

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Let's RECAP!  When You INVEST in a Soul  Contract Spiritual Hypnosis Session You'll Get:

  • Up to 3 hours of a personalized spiritual hypnosis session conducted ONLINE via ZOOM facilitated by Master of Hypnotherapy, Becky Nevin,
  • Tips for making your session as effective as possible and guidance for creating a comfortable and relaxing space,
  • An audio recording of your session so that you can listen to it as often as you feel called to receive additional layers of wisdom and healing,
  • Bonus 1: 6 guided hypnosis recordings to help you prepare for your session, and learn techniques to connect with your team on your own,
  • Bonus 2: The Create 30 Journey - KNOW that you are the creator of your reality and take control by consciously creating your best life, 


When You Book a Soul Contract Hypnosis Session You’ll Get


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Create Your Best Life: Shift your life onto a path of ease and flow!

Over the course of 6 days you will receive a daily recorded hypnosis sessions to enjoy!  The sessions are designed to cover all areas of spiritual growth and will prepare you for your live Soul Empowering Hypnosis Session!

AGAPE HEART Set aside your emotional burdens and open your heart to the wonders of your creation powers
CHAKRA CLEARING & UNIFYING Clear blocked energy from your charkas, charge your chakras and unite them to become whole again!
PROTECTION PROTOCOL Learn how to protect your energy body to keep yourself safe. (Can be used on others, including kids, pets, family, friends, nature, etc...)
QUESTION QUEST Journey to a sacred space to discover the answer to a question you've been pondering.
ABUNDANCE ACTIVATION Visualize the abundance you desire to call into your life and then energize it to come into your reality.
EXPANDED PERSPECTIVE Better experienced then explained!



A journey to connect with your inner wisdom and consciously create your best life!

The 30 Day Journey begins with an intention, a point on the map, that leads you on a journey to discover that you are the Creator of your reality and along the way you'll clear limiting beliefs, heal blocks, live in the energies of love and abundance and learn to connect more deeply with the wisdom inside you so that you consciously create the reality you most desire.

THE CREATE 30 JOURNEY Becky Nevin's proprietary method for healing and creating your best life.
ILLUMINATING INTENTIONS 30 carefully crafted intentions to use each day to send your day KNOWING your energy creates your reality.
MINI-MORNING-MEDITATION A meditation to energize the daily intention and start the day off right
THE FOUR PILLARS Meditations to support the themes of each of the 4 weeks - Heal & Remove Blocks, Love Body & Mind, Manifest, Connect with your Soul and align with your Purpose.
AWESOME AMULETS Guidance on how amulets can be an effective tool to keep you on track with your positive intentions
ENCOURAGING EMAILS Opt-in to receive daily reminder emails for encouragement to keep your journey on track
THE COMPASS An 80 page guide book to support your Journey