Create 30 Journey

A journey to connect with your Soul's inner wisdom

Ready to slow down your hectic morning and make your whole day more impactful?
(Hint: That's not a catch-22.)  

You might even become a morning person! *gasp*

Create 30 Journey is an online guided morning meditation workshop to help you connect to your Soul's Inner Wisdom so you can create your best life! Simply by slowing down for just 20 minutes in the morning to focus on your emotional, and spiritual health so you can tackle your day in peace and with productive focus. 
Ready to live your highest and best timeline? 


The Create 30 Journey online workshop is essentially five years in the making…

But it’ll only take you thirty days to implement. 😉

By dreaming big, but starting small

By beginning with consistent teeny tiny 20 minute meditations, that will transform your day - to - day thoughts to  start you on the path of creating much bigger and better thoughts…

It takes 30 days to transform habits and create new ones...are you ready to Create?

Join the Create 30 Journey today!


Why Create 30 Journey?

After a series of major life events turned my "perfect life" upside down,  I lost almost everything and I had to start completely over... with "just" my husband, my very young children, a few suitcases of stuff, and a very tiny bit of money.  I was stressed and DEPRESSED...the weight of the world and my children's future were a heavy burden on my shoulders.

I knew that I could justify in my head that I could continue down a path that would spiral down into deeper depression, and anger at the unjust world and misery I was seeing everywhere OR... I could take the other path... the path where ALL my decisions are made based in JOY and LOVE... 

I picked JOY and LOVE instead of depression, fear and doubt and it led me to Meditation & Hypnosis.  Now I live across the street from the beach in Hawai'i and KNOW that I am the source of my joy and the answer to creating a happy life! 

Instead of covering up depression as I'd done in the pas, I learned to actually be discovering and LIVING my Soul's purpose!.

“How can I help people create joy, peace, love and abundance in their daily life… say in just 30 days… especially right now, when so many people need it the most?"

The methods I teach inside Create 30 Journey are the same ones I used to get my life on a happier, healthier and more purposeful path when I had zero hope, zero home, zero job, and zero money.

They are the same methods I used to not only beat constant daily depression but to thrive and build a life following my passions and dreams! 

Now, I want to teach it to YOU.

You’re so welcome. 😉


"Ok, but... what is The Create 30 Journey?" 

Over 30 days, you will be guided on a path where you'll uncover your limiting beliefs, heal emotional blockages, and connect with your inner wisdom! 

Each day you will get a video and an intention that you'll energize with a refreshing and invigorating "Mini Morning Meditation".

You'll spend a week Creating Healing, Creating Love, Creating Abundance and Creating Connection to your Inner Guidance!

This is different from a typical course in which you listen and learn, this course is about taking action and creating your best life!

I've put together something special and unique to guide you every step of the way:

Your Journey begins with an intention, a point on the map, that leads you on a journey to discover that you are the Creator of your reality and along the way you'll clear limiting beliefs, heal blocks, live in the energies of love and abundance and learn to connect more deeply with the wisdom inside you. 

So, what's in it for you?

If you’re tired of all the depressing news in the world bringing you down, and want to learn methods that will allow you to thrive emotionally while navigating the fear based narrative that blasts us daily, then Create 30 Journey is for you.

If you’re ready to ditch depression and start seeing real joy and happiness flow into your life, then Create 30 Journey is for you.

If you’re gearing up to make a big life decision, but you're feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, then Create 30 Journey is for you.

Are you ready to KNOW in your heart that you are here for a reason and start living your Soul Purpose...?.... then Create 30 Journey is for you.

Inside the Create 30 Journey workshop, I share:

👉How to begin to mend relationships within your mind to heal emotional baggage that's blocking your happiness

👉How to focus your thoughts on love, kindness, joy, abundance and other happy intentions so that there is little to no space for fear and doubt to control your decisions. 

👉How to create a mediation space that works (even if you have a small space or noisy housemates - Like I do 😉)

👉How amulets can be an effective tool to keep you on track with your positive intentions

👉How acceptance is the key to owning your thoughts and changing your perspective for the better

…Complete with all intentions carefully crafted for you, daily short videos, and deep dive meditations on impactful areas of emotional, physical and spiritual growth so it is fast and easy for you!

What You Get In The Create 30 Journey

Online access to all the Meditations, Content and Printable documents in the Create 30 Journey

  • The Create 30 Journey - Becky Nevin's proprietary method for healing and creating your best life.
  • The Compass - An 80 page guide book to keep your Journey on track
  • Preparation Path - Guidance on how to make the most of the Journey
  • Illuminating Intentions - 30 carefully crafted intentions to shift your energy towards the positive
  • Mini-Morning-MeditationA meditation to energize your intention and start the day off right
  • The Four PillarsMeditations to support the themes of each of the 4 weeks
  • Awesome AmuletsGuidance on how amulets can be an effective tool to keep you on track with your positive intentions
  • Encouraging EmailsOpt-in to receive daily reminder emails to keep you on track
  • TWO BONUS MEDITATIONS (Valued at $88) are yours for FREE:

    • Expanded Perspective Meditation - A look at your place in the world from unexpected perspectives to provide big insights 
    • Chakra Activation Meditation - Clear and balance your Chakras to aid in healing emotional and physical pain

That’s a ton of stuff for $111 only $88…? For real?!

The Create 30 Journey meditation workshop was created with love so others could benefit from the healing power of regular meditation and intention setting I used to heal myself.  BUT my goal here was to make this a no-brainer for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, because I know people need help NOW.  I don’t want you to start the Create 30 Journey someday… I want you to get started TODAY.

So you don’t have to hem and haw… you can just grab it and go!






Experience my unique approach to past live exploration... taking quantum to the quantum!

This unique guided hypnosis recorded session is expertly designed to help you prepare for your personalized Soul Contract Spiritual Hypnosis Session!  But...don't let that stop you from using it as often as you feel called!

THE QUANTUM HEALING CHAIR While your body is enjoying the experience of complete relaxation, it will also enjoy healing at the quantum "Consciousness" level.
SET ASIDE YOUR CURRENT CONTRACTS Just for this session, feel how it feels to be without the burdens of your current obligations....allowing you to connect more deeply to who your really are and gain new and broader perspectives into the your soul's purpose why you created this life!
HIGHER SELF PROTECTION Relax in confidence KNOWING that your higher soul self is guiding the experience so that you will ONLY EXPERIENCE that which is for your highest good.
EXPLORE PAST  SOUL CONTRACTS With your Higher Soul Self leading the journey you can explore a past life that can bring insights and healing into this life.
A GIFT FROM THE UNIVERSE Return to "regular" consciousness, collecting the current soul contracts with all the added knowledge and healing from the session PLUS a special "extra" gift from the universe...better experienced then explained!


Who is this for?

Does this sound like you?

  • You're on a mission to continue to discover your evolving Soul purpose and are looking for daily support...
  • You feel stuck in the everyday routine of your life and are looking for something more....answers nobody seems to have.... 
  • You want to ignite your passion and energy for your purpose driven life but you aren't sure how to start or just need a little motivation and encouragement!

What if there was a way to wake up energized and have happier days...even with the pressures of life and the crazy world around us?

What if there was a way to stress less and enjoy life a lot more...?

How much better would your days be if you connected with yourself each morning?

If any of this resonated with you, I want to personally invite you to co-create with me on the Create 30 Journey!

That's ME! Sign me up for the Journey!

Here's how it works...

Step 1: After signing up, within minutes, you will get an email with a login for the course platform.

Step 2: You'll be guided to review a few short videos to prepare for the Create 30 Journey

Step 3: You'll pick a start date of your choice and mark it on your calendar

Step 4: Each morning you'll log into the course platform (supported on mobile devices) and do the day's 15 minute meditation with your journal in hand!

Step 5: Spend the rest of the day in the beautiful energy of the day's intention.

Step 6: At the beginning of each week you'll be guided to enjoy a longer meditation designed to support the week's Pillar (Create Healing, Create Love, Create Abundance, Create Connection).

Step 7: Start benefiting from the calm and wisdom you receive in meditation.

Ideally, the daily meditation is best practiced in the morning, but can be done at any time of the day. 

You do not have to complete the program within 30 days or follow the schedule exactly ---- this is your journey but it was designed for thirty days so you can start seeing small benefits right away and larger ones after the 30 days and beyond!

The goal of this program is that the morning meditation practice becomes a daily ritual and something to look forward to. In time, you'll notice a difference between days you do your morning meditation, and the days you take off.  Over the long term you'll begin to notice dramatic shifts in your life as you become a conscious creator of your reality.


What people say about the Create 30 Journey

Frequently Asked Questions?

When does this course start and finish?

You can choose your own start date and proceed at your own pace.  Once you purchase, you have access to the course within a few minutes. 

Can I download the content to watch and listen offline?

No, the content is hosted on Kajabi, a course content provider online platform.  You can watch or listen to the content on any mobile device using the website or by downloading an App. (Instructions  are provided). The workbook that supports the Journey is downloadable.

I've never done any kind of meditation before. Is this right me?

Yes! Now is the time to start experiencing the benefits of daily meditation! 

I don't have 15 minutes every morning, should I pass on this incredible Journey? 

That's okay! Sometimes I don't, either.

You can do this practice in as little as 5 minutes, if you just sit with the intention without the meditation.  But, might I suggest that you will greatly benefit from daily meditation and give yourself the gift of time for a mini-morning-meditation!. Your future self will thank you!

When will I receive the Bonus Meditation?

The Bonus Meditations will show up in the course as soon as you complete the purchase.  From the confirmation email you can click the login button and access the Bonus Meditation and start reviewing the Create 30 Journey content. 


Becky Nevin, Creator of Create 30 is Featured On

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Scheffy's Sandbox

April Scheffy's Podcast Scheffy's Sandbox -  March 2021!   Learn all about Becky's Journey in the episode "QHHT, Forgiveness, & Create 30 with Becky Nevin"


Becky Nevin, Creator of Create 30 is Featured On

scheffy's sandbox podcast

Scheffy's Sandbox

April Scheffy's Podcast Scheffy's Sandbox -  March 2021!   Learn all about Becky's Journey in the episode "QHHT, Forgiveness, & Create 30 with Becky Nevin"